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Honoring the volunteer efforts of Sarah Perrin for Student Impact of Westfield

Student Impact of Westfield

Volunteer Service Grant Amount Awarded: $5,000

Sarah first came to know about Student Impact through her children. It is an after-school project that has existed over 15 years, providing a safe haven for 5th to 12th grade students, while providing them an avenue to give back. It is solely financed through grants and donations from the community. In fact, the community donated the house where the children meet. An opportunity to join the Board of Directors arose and Sarah joined. Since then she has been involved in the decision-making process and fundraising.

Student Impact's mission is to provide guidance, counseling, mentoring, and development of students so that they are aware of their role in the community and the world. The staff works closely with school administrators, who recently have requested that the agency participate in school care plans for students. They introduce students to leadership roles in the community through work with the City Council, attending and assisting in Council meetings and multiple City events year-round.

Here, in a home-like environment, alumni of the past 15 years come back to coach, mentor and supervise as volunteers. One alumnus is a local police officer who plays basketball with the youth in uniform. As a parent, it is a relief for Sarah to know that this program exists. Her children have been actively involved, and their self-esteem and sense of responsibility have grown while in the program.

She has also seen the impact it has made on other students from all walks of life, their parents, and the community. With all her heart, she thanks the W.H.O. Foundation for this grant. Their continued support of these life-giving programs is a true blessing.

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