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Honoring the volunteer efforts of Beauticontrol Consultant Sara Green

STAR (Standing Together Against Rape)

Volunteer Service Grant Amount Awarded: $14,000

STAR’s mission is to provide the best quality of crisis intervention, education, and advocacy services to victims of sexual assault and abuse as well as their families and their community. For 35 years, STAR has operated out of Anchorage, Alaska. Their hallmark has been Direct Service Advocacy work, which includes a 24/7 crisis line that responds to reports of sexual assault and abuse, as well as providing on-going support and age-appropriate prevention seminars.

During the past year, Sara Green has helped STAR as a volunteer with their monthly fundraising events. However, her passion for helping this organization and their cause soon extended beyond fundraising. She has assembled cosmetics and self-care baskets for women affected by sexual assault, provided SPA sessions twice annually, and volunteered alongside STAR staff members during Wellness Weeks.

I look forward to the opportunity to engage further with STAR in the critical nature of their work. Alaska leads the nation in reports of sexual assault, rape, and child sexual abuse, per capita. In essence, you could cut Alaska’s rates in half, and we would still be proportionately at more than twice the national average. My heartfelt thanks to the W.H.O. Foundation for this generous award which will go a long way toward supporting these critical services.

Sara Green
Independent Beauticontrol Consultant

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