River Valley Shelter
for Battered Women & Children

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Honoring the efforts of Teresa White at the River Valley Shelter for Battered Women & Children

River Valley Shelter for Battered Women & Children

Volunteer Service Grant Amount Awarded: $22,500

Since 1984, the River Valley Shelter for Battered Women and Children has served the victims of domestic abuse in Pope, Yell and Johnson counties in Arkansas. They offer a 24-hour crisis hotline, safe shelter, legal/personal advocacy, support groups, counseling, outreach, and referrals.

As a non-profit organization, the shelter is fully dependent on donations from businesses, citizens and their own fundraising activities, as well as a successful thrift store that is stocked with used clothing and household goods from the community.

"When I began working with the River Valley Shelter for Women three years ago, I had no idea I would personally grow in so many ways. I started by gathering and donating toiletries, clothes and counseling the residents, as they came to seek refuge. Along the way, I came to meet a young Hispanic woman who was a victim of domestic abuse. She received help, shelter, and support, eventually regaining her self-confidence and venturing out into the world as a successful Beauticontrol Consultant, with a brand new lease on life. Noticing the long list of repairs and materials the shelter needed, I urged the staff to prepare a request to obtain a grant from the W.H.O. Foundation. We did and crossed our fingers hoping for the desired outcome. A collective cheer must have been heard all across Russellville when we received notice that our grant had been approved!"

A total of 89 women and children have been helped at the shelter since the renovations. New flooring has significantly improved the overall look of the building, prompting positive and admiring comments from visitors, clients and staff. And, the updated HVAC system is providing comfortable, uniform temperatures throughout the facility.

I would like everyone at the W.H.O. Foundation to know the enormous impact this grant has made in the appearance and operation of the facility. We are eternally grateful for this blessing!

Teresa White
Independent Senior Director

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