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With your continued support we can help change lives.

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To donate $1.00 every time you place an order with Beauticontrol.

Somewhere in the United States and Puerto Rico a child, a woman, a family is calling for help, and YOU can be the caring voice that answers. A single dollar, multiplied by the number of orders that our Consultants place each month will enable us to reach those in need.

Dollar Power Pledge Campaign: April 1 - May 31, 2017

Download the new Pledge Program form below, fill it out and send it back to the Foundation for a chance to win a Beauticontrol/W.H.O. Foundation multi-wrap wristband. Winners will be drawn weekly during the campaign from the pledge forms received that week.

Fill out and email us your pledge form for quick and easy processing!      Click Here Now To Learn How!

There are people right now that would benefit from your help.

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W.H.O. Have We Helped Lately?

Honoring the efforts of
Rachel Doyle, Founder of the Glamour Gals Foundation

$25,000 Volunteer Service Grant

Rachel Doyle founded GlamourGals in 2000 as a junior in high school in memory of her grandmother, who had recently passed away. The first GlamourGals makeover took place in Commack, New York with only three...

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Rachel Doyle, Founder of the Glamour Gals Foundation

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