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Hearts of Gold: Reach For The Gold

Reach For The Gold

The W.H.O. (Women Helping Others) Foundation was established in 1993 in support of the philosophy: Women Helping Others. Since its inception, the W.H.O. Foundation has granted more than $5.5 million to other non-profit organizations.

We Are Dedicated

The W.H.O. Foundation is dedicated to making an impact within local communities by granting funds to eligible charities in need and empowering women to reach out and make a difference through active volunteering. One of those many ways is with the help and support of our Hearts of Gold Membership program.

How To Become A Member

Becoming a Hearts of Gold member is easy! You simply contribute a minimum of $500 or more during one calendar year. At the end of that year, you'll be recognized as one of the incredible contributors with a Hearts of Gold Award!

You can help make a difference. You can change lives. MAKE A DONATATION TODAY   and start building your credit towards your Hearts of Gold Membership!

Congratulations To The 2016 Hearts of Gold Contributing Members

Gold Member ($2000+)
Silver Members ($1000+)
Bronze Members ($500+)
Donations Raised

Gold Members

Faye Powell
Kimberly Berg

Paulette Britt

Teresa White

Tina Panzirer

Silver Members

Cindi Avery

Barbara Crawford

Kristel Martin

Bronze Members

Carlena Adams
Maritza Agosto
Sandra Ayala
Krystal Ball
Karen Bommarito
Vicki Bryson
Cheryl Bschor
Lynn Budjenska
Tammy Clary
Rebecca Deutsch
Erica Shane Durnil

Carissa Evans
Kyle Grinnage
Joanne Harder
MaryCarol Hoesel
Carol Hoffarth
Bobbi Hood
Betty Hughes
Mary Hunt
Boneta Kozisek
Maria Krehel
Cindy Least

Leigh Ann Leslie
Liz Licavoli
Frieda Lin
Heather Lofton
Wanda Maltby
Sundae McMillan
Laura Morlando
Mayra Garcia Otero
Becky Pierce
Verlean Randolph
Jayne Reysack

Martha Roberts
Marcella Romoser-Scherer
Donna Rulon
Karen Thibodeaux
Dianne Thompson
Shelly Ward
Linda Warren
Julie Wiemann
Nancy Willis
Judy Winchester