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Associate Payroll Deduction

Associate Payroll Deduction

Need a seemless way to make a donation to the W.H.O. Foundation and have it be Tax Deductible? Below is an easy tool for you to use at your dispoal that will work for you at any time you decide. Here's how it works:

  • Download the Payroll Deduction form.
  • Fill the form out in it's entirety.
  • Send the form back to the W.H.O. Foundation.
  • Never worry about your pledge again!

Now every time you get paid, so does the W.H.O. Foundation and Beauticontrol matches your complete donation in it's entirety! Click below to download the:

Payroll Deduction Form  
Associate Volunteer Service Grant

Associate Volunteer Service Grant

We've changed the rules a bit, just for you. In the past, only the sales force members could apply for a grant. Today, all Associates will now be able to apply for a grant on behalf of the charity they volunteer for! Here are your forms:

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W.H.O. Ambassador

W.H.O. Ambassador

Become more than just a team player, become a leader. As a W.H.O. Ambassador, you're the Foundation's special envoy to help spread W.H.O.'s message of volunteerism and giving back. Here are multiple ways to make it happen:

  • Follow up with us using our Contact Form
  • Give us a call.
  • Or simply stop by and sign up at our office.
  • It's that simple!

Continue to help us help spread the word to everyone. Become a W.H.O. Ambassador today not only in your department, but also in your communities. Click below to:

Contact Us Today!  

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