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First and foremost, the Staff and Board of Directors thank you for your donations and trust from the inception of W.H.O. in 1993 and throughout its 24 years. W.H.O. has awarded over $5.7 million dollars in grants throughout many communities in the U.S. Your gift of time, treasure and talent has been invaluable to us and the many lives you have helped.

With the winding down of the Beauticontrol business, the W.H.O. Board of Directors has met and after careful consideration, we have decided to wind down the Foundation. In connection with that process, efforts will be made to use remaining assets to fulfill grant applications to continue to further the Foundation’s mission. Remaining assets, if any, will be distributed according to the Foundation’s by-laws and State of Texas laws. Mary Gregg, will remain on staff until we have completed the process.

Many of the Volunteer Service Grants requests submitted in June did not meet the previous requirement of attendance to Celebration. Since the event was cancelled, however, the Board has decided to re-evaluate each grant request. The vetting and evaluation process will take 3-4 weeks. Our target completion of this process is by August 25th, and at that time we will announce the winners with the help of Beauticontrol Leadership and our W.H.O. Advisory Council Chair, Kyle Grinnage. After these grants are awarded and all fiscal responsibilities are met, the Board will decide whether to open the Volunteer Service Grant process again, if there are any funds remaining.

We appreciate your patience as we wind down the Foundation and honor your legacy of helping to empower women. It is an honor to serve each of you and our communities.

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