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How To Get Funding
Volunteer Service Grants — How to Apply for Funding

The WHO Foundation: Women Helping Others® nationally supports grass–roots charities serving the overlooked needs of women and children. Grants are provided to organizations serving women and/or children in the United States and Puerto Rico. Specific projects and programs addressing health and social service needs are our priority. The Foundation recognizes the value of new programs created to respond to changing needs and will consider funding projects of an original or pioneering nature within an existing organization. If you are a BeautiControl Consultant and volunteer for a women’s and/or children’s charity, you could earn thousands of dollars for your charity by simply applying for the annual W.H.O. Volunteer Service Grant.

How to apply for funding

PLEASE NOTE: Funding requests must meet the funding criteria and be made using the WHO Foundation application.

To apply please submit all of the following with your application:

  1. List of Board of Directors of your organization
  2. Copy of IRS 501(c)(3) designation letter
  3. A brief history of the organization
  4. Budget outline of the project for which grant is requested
  5. Most recent audit
  6. Detailed organization budgets for previous two years
  7. List of agency paid staff positions and roles (no job descriptions, please)
  8. Two self–addressed postage applied envelopes to be used for notification
  9. Please make sure your applications are complete. Submissions lacking any attachments will not be accepted.